Many of the artworks incorporate beautiful glass spheres. Perfectly smooth, free of bubbles or imperfections; they gather light from the room in a most intriguing manner. To me they pleasantly symbolize that which is pure and innocent with each of us; our true nature; infinitely wise, deeply compassionate, unspeakably peaceful, vibrantly alive.

Many of the spheres contain a few words or small poems inspired by the recognition of this wondrous inner Being. Peering into the spheres draws one into a deeper, more intimate encounter with the piece.
To me, the highest intention artists can have is to simply allow Nature to express Itself through them, unhindered. An artist's greatest moments are those when he finds himself in harmonious cooperation with Nature's creative Flow. This is my intention and my pleasure; infinitely rewarding when it occurs, but not always easy to do, for I am a human; part of me desperately wants to control everything in my life, including what happens in the studio. It does help to have had experiences of both "Art by Me Alone" and "Art in the Flow". One is hollow, downright annoying and usually creates little more than the predictable and the ugly; the other is a place I just want to live.

Art's greatest gift to me is that of creating an environment where I can experience directly and clearly the difference between doing art and allowing art. Each new encounter shows me where the parts of me that resist the open flow of creativity live. These stale, old sentinels are surrendered as they arise, leaving The Flow with one more place to flow into. I then endeavor to carry this new-found wisdom into every aspect of my life. Learning to surrender the habit of over-controlling seems easier and safer in my studio than "out there" in the world; the worst that can happen on a piece of glass, I can deal with. The tell-tale results of my approach in a creative moment, be it harmonious or ham-fisted, are clear and immediate, and I don't have the luxury of blaming anybody else when things get ugly. Art's ruthless truth is a fine alchemist.

For the last few years, glass has been an ongoing fascination. Glass has a delicacy that, when encountering light, can become somewhat mesmerizing, like water or fire. The play of light and glass is at times truly great art all on its own. The application of high quality epoxies and acrylics to glass allows the creation of intriguing water-like effects. Glass, light and water speak of clarity, vitality and peace, and to me, every room and every person needs a nice healthy influx of these energies to balance all the doing, doing, doing, thinking, thinking, thinking. Something that just sits there, radiating beauty in a peaceful way.

When it all comes true; when, for a little while, I can "Let Go And Let Art", I have the privilege of two wonderful experiences: being part of a delicious creative expression, and sharing its fruits with you. I hope some of these works are as much of a gift to you as they are to me.

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