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Art has come to me free from the need of extensive formal training. Growing up in a family of artists was of course very influential and inspiring. My father was, and is, a photographer and artist. My mother worked in crafts and music. My sister, Sandi Lamb (whose work adorns the other half of this website) is also a professional artist.

Being rather heavily "right-brained" I prefer to learn through action; the jump-in-and-swim approach feels much better to me than the more traditional fill-up-the-head-first method. I simply begin; when questions arise, answers naturally follow; everything comes as it is needed. This approach helps me to avoid getting caught up and stuck in the very knowledge I was hoping would offer me artistic freedom.

For many years, the main avenues of creative focus in my life were music, songwriting, poetry and working daily as a hairstylist. One fine day art arrived and for 6 years utilized copper, steel and wood as it's mediums. Approximately 3 years ago, a creative "accident" in the studio lead to working mostly in glass.

Unquestionably the most artistically inspiring aspect of my life has been a committed and consistent practice of meditation. Meditation can extremely helpful in the arts, being a direct communication with the very source of creativity.
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